Rapid technological changes have launched drastic improvements in the field of design and construction.

These changes have ultimately had a significant impact on new architectural trends which are emerging with every blink of an eye.

Old designs are quickly paving the way for new models which are rapidly transforming what we see in science fiction movies into reality.

Architectures are scratching their heads harder, and you can agree that the design of exceptional buildings is taking an upward curve.

This article will present to you the top 8 futuristic buildings around the world that are sights to behold.

  1. Spaceport America

It is hard to talk about the future without mentioning spaceships. Standing in New Mexico, Spaceport America is a remarkable engineering masterpiece whose architectural design is identical to that of a spacecraft. The building hosts several activities, including the annual students’ launch process and flight tests in its vertical launch section. Spaceport America is expected to support more functionalities upon its completion. It will have a fully-functional airfield, emergency response facilities, launchpads, tourism activities, and terminal services.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is another futuristic facility, sitting on a 250 acres piece of land in Central Singapore, which has attracted both the locals and visitors. The construction has not only made Singapore a city with a garden but has transformed it into a city within a garden. The magnificent Garden is established on reclaimed land and is populated with gigantic Supertrees which have solar panels for night lighting. Also, the Garden has massive flower domes and cloud forests which attract many visitors across the USA.

3.Hermitage Plaza

Hermitage Plaza is a 1,050 feet stylish two-tower building that encompasses a sophistication that blends leisure and business in Paris. The facility is expected to be fully designed by 2024 and will be the tallest building in the European Union. Hermitage Plaza will also incorporate office sections, professional suites, and entertainment centers which will serve the Paris population. Furthermore, its shading and insulation designs will incorporate effective and advanced energy-efficient systems.

4. The Crystal, London

In 2012, the Crystal building in London was crowned the world’s largest exhibition center for sustainable development. The Crystal is designed with low-rise glass structures and heat pumps that derive energy from the ground to sustain itself. The facility is managed by Siemens and is the first in the world to be highly accredited by BREEAM and LEED. The building also has water treatment and rainwater harvesting systems that are innovatively designed.

5. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Designed with cutting edge technology, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building rising 2,717 feet above the ground. Besides being a facility with the highest number of stories in the world, Burj Khalifa is designed with an elevator that covers the longest distance on earth. Also, the futuristic building is designed with recycling systems which make it sustainable and energy-efficient.

6. The Atomium, Europe

The Atomium is a breathtaking architectural design that is a popular engineering landmark based in Brussels, Europe. The building is designed with nine sturdy metallic spheres which are interlinked with corridors with lifts and elevators. The building was designed to depict the onset of the atomic age after World War II. In addition to that, the top sphere of the building is designed with restaurants which offer delicious cuisines to its customers as they enjoy the beautiful view of Belgium city.

7. Absolute World Towers

Absolute World Towers is another breathtaking architectural creation based in Canada. The structure was completed in 2012 and is made of a curvaceous design which caused it to be nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe Towers. Another outstanding feature of Absolute World Towers is that they display a 209 degrees twist from the ground to the top, a feature that is not common in many architectural designs.

8. Galaxy Soho Building, China

Galaxy Soho Building is another exceptional 18-story engineering creation that was officially opened in 2012. The facility is based in Central Beijing, China, and is composed of offices, entertainment centers, and retail structures which are designed with cutting edge technology. The building displays a harmonious assembly of four domes which are interlinked with bridges made with stainless steel, hard glass, and aluminum.

In a nutshell, it is clear that more superior building designs are bound to come on board. Also, it is crucial to appreciate the significant role that technology plays in converting imaginary designs into present-day reality.

9. OZ Mall, Russia

The Oz Shopping & Entertainment Centre in Krasnodar was recognised as the best large shopping centre in Russia in 2013 at the 10th Anniversary Commercial Real Estate Awards Ceremony held in Moscow.

The total floor space of the Oz Krasnodar exceeds 220,000 sq m disposed over three levels. The Oz uses beautiful state of the art HyComb aluminum panels